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Just picked up one of your SDD-3KP's from a guy on eBay. It's been on my board for all of six hours, and I can't stop playing though it. IT SINGS through my hand-wired AC30. Bravo!

Jonathan February 23, 2015

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Pedal came and last day I played 8 hours with it, it's so good! I bought it for getting Edge-type sounds from strat but I used it for Gibson L-4 jazz guitar that's my main instrument and it worked so well with it!!! More punch, clarity, livelyness but still warm sounding. I have tried many boosters/buffers but they often are harsh sounding. But not this one!
Thanks for great product and service!

Teemu Finland November 30, 2014

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If you ever retire the SDD-3KP give me a heads up before you do, 'cause I’d like another before they are gone forever.

Jason November 23, 2014

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...Having had a chance to test out the pedal properly I can’t praise it enough – has definitely taken my sound up a level or two. So thanks again for a superb sounding bit of gear and all the best …

Liam United Kingdom November 23, 2014

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I love my SDD-3KP and use it every day.  In fact I couldn’t live without it.

Tim United Kingdom November 23, 2014

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Hey Dave, still got the SDD3KP in my rig, fantastic unit you’ve made there!!

Bert The Netherlands November 23, 2014

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Just thought I would drop you a note saying that I received the pedal and it is awesome. Sounds fantastic going though my rig.

Matt November 23, 2014

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So the pedal arrived yesterday. Dude…seriously…I don’t know how I lived without this thing all these years. It’s literally causing me to re-work my entire setup and will become the backbone of my fundamental sound. It’s snappy, has the right amount of grit, cascades well with my other dirt boxes. Tried it with my stereo

Ty San Francisco, CA


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