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DTS SDD-3KP is “on the charts” in Japan

This is from a Japanese magazine called “The Effector Book” published last spring and I thought it was pretty cool: I’m told it says, “If you are trying to get the guitar sound of U2, it is the must item to get!” You can purchase DTS SDD-3KP […]

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Welcome to the new updated website.  Today marks the official launch of this updated website for DTS Audio Research and Technology.  While you may have previously known of the development of these electronic devices from my previous WordPress blog, the goal here is to document them in a streamlined professional manner, […]

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Pedal came and last day I played 8 hours with it, it's so good! I bought it for getting Edge-type sounds from strat but I used it for Gibson L-4 jazz guitar that's my main instrument and it worked so well with it!!! More punch, clarity, livelyness but still warm sounding. I have tried many

Teemu Finland


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